I am still on this migraine diet, but with spring weather in Ohio, it is hard to know if it is working due to the constant rain.  I did go to the Cleveland Clinic last week and saw a headache specialist.  She has taken me off the meds I was on, and putting me on a new set of meds.  Some of the side effects are not so great right now, but I am hoping that it gets better. 

The doctor gave me some hope that I had not exhausted all of my treatment options.  Which is great to hear, because I felt like I was out of options and had no where to go for relief from my pain.

Only time and prayer will tell.


I have finished the third week of this diet and it looks promising.  I have had smaller migraines and they were easier to treat this week than prior weeks.  Praise God, I think we are on to something.  My neuro dr. was less than helpful on my last appointment, so I guess it is a good thing that I initiated this diet.

And, I have lost 8 lbs!

I got my test results of the foods and additives that I am sensitive to. It is a list of over 40 foods and substances. Including egg yolks, chocolate, oranges, mangos, whey, chicken, and pork.

I am going to go shopping this weekend to make my new meal plan for the next two weeks. The only thing that make me continue forward with this new diet is the fact that it will help my migraines and that I might actually loose some weight. I have gained weight being on so many of these migraine drugs, so getting back to my normal weight would be great.

I might post my entire list of foods if I have time.

I had a killer migraine this morning, but dragged myself to work. Took some imitrex, benadryl and asprin and I’m doing much better.

This afternoon I go to see a nutritionist who specializes in food sensitivities and illness. I saw her a few weeks back and the results are now in. We will go over the results and the menu she created for me to take the foods out that are bothering me. Hopefully this will reduce the immflamation that is going on in my body, therefore reducing my migraines.

I have called my gp for the third time this week asking for refills on meds, I am all out with too much month leftover. I wish they would call me back. I don’t want to waste $25. to make an appointment just to say, hey give me more meds.

A Beginning

This is my first attempt at a blog, so please be patient while I figure things out.  My goal with this blog is to let people know about migraine headaches and a place of hope and solace for those who suffer from chronic illness.

 The title of the blog comes from a song by Matt Redman, Blessed Be Your Name.